Green Army Patrol Coming to Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land officially opens this Saturday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where guests will suddenly find themselves shrunk down to the size of a toy, wandering through Andy’s backyard and engaging with some of his favorite toys.   During your visit, you’ll definitely want to encounter the Green Army of toy soldiers!

The Green Army Drum Corps marches through the backyard several times a day, playing lively percussion sets filled with awe-inspiring drum sequences. You’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for their high-energy, one-of-a-kind performance, and you may even find yourself drumming with the corps!

Elsewhere, Sarge and his Green Army Patrol are looking for recruits to enlist in a fun and interactive boot camp for all ages. You could get caught up in a game of “Sarge Says,” playing with giant Pixar balls, oversized crayons and other fun props to see if you have what it takes to become an official Green Army cadet.

Toy Story Land opens June 30, 2018 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort.  For more information, click here.