Learn the Culinary Back Story of Pandora – The World of Avatar


The countdown is on!  We are less than 30 days away from the official opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  One of the things we are most looking forward to is the food, beverage, and dessert options themed to the Pandora World.

Guests can eat and drink like a Na’vi at Satu’li Canteen, Pandora’s fast-casual restaurant and at the Pongu Pongu (which means “party party”) Kiosk.

Here is the culinary back story on Pandora – The World of Avatar from Disney:

“The setting of Pandora – The World of Avatar is long after the Na’vi and the humans have reconciled their conflict, and we are invited as guests to visit Pandora,” said Stefan Hellwig, executive creative director for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Satu’li (Sa-too-lee) Canteen is the land’s restaurant, with a design inspired by bases set up on Pandora by the Resources Development Administration (RDA) in the blockbuster “AVATAR” film. Once the main mess hall of the RDA base in the Valley of Mo’ara, the canteen is now owned and operated by the Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) tour company and has been redesigned into a beautiful museum-like dining room open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The interior has been transformed with colorful Na’vi items filling the walls and hanging from the ceiling – hand-woven tapestries, natural Pandoran elements and cooking tools decorate the interior.

Adjacent to Satu’li Canteen is Pongu Pongu, Pandora’s specialty beverage kiosk and as the story goes, was built by a human who befriended the local Na’vi clan and built a place to gather and socialize. The name came from all the “wild and memorable times” Na’vi and humans had together there.

Both of these new locations sound like they are themed flawlessly and will no doubt be very popular with visiting guests.  For more information on Pandora – The World of Avatar, go to VisitPandora.com.