Walt Disney Imagineering Shares New Video on Creating Pandora – The World of Avatar


Today we have an awesome new look at the inside creative process  on the construction of Pandora – The World of Avatar from Walt Disney Imagineering.  In this video, we see behind the brilliant minds who mastered the creation of this brand new land.

In the film AVATAR, the planet of Pandora featured an ecosystem all its own, with lush bioluminescent flora, precious fauna, and a culture of people who saw and respected the value of their precious planet. In order to create this new land for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the project team approached bringing Pandora to life as if they were building a real world – unlike one anyone had experienced before – based on the world in the film.

“We’ve had this group sit down and try to understand what would Pandora really look like? How would it feel? What sounds would you hear if you were taking a nature trail along Pandora,” said Dr. Mark Penning Vice President, Animals, Science and Environment, Disney Parks.

In the video below, Walt Disney Imagineering shares how they worked with Animal Programs to create this expansive ecosystem unique to Pandora – The World of Avatar.  The biologists and scientists of the park’s Animal Program had a big part on creating a real authentic land.